Ladder Beacons offer an easy but effective means to protect firefighters operating in emergency situations by providing highly visible markers at points of entry. Firefighters can rely on Ladder Beacons to find their way out when visibility or conditions unexpectedly deteriorate.



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With more than three decades of field tested experience, Ladder Beacons offer a fully automatic means to equip your firefighters with a way to escape from any emergency situation.

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Created and crafted by Bernard Loughlin, a fire chief, WWII veteran, and founding member of the community EMS, Bernard's experience allowed him to discover a way to safeguard firefighters across the world. 

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These silent sentinels are a must for every fire department. Inspired by a beacon; a light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, all of our Ladder Beacons will protect and guide firefighters to safety. 

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